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Ströndin Studio is collaborating with Skaftfell Center for Visual Art to offer the thematic residency WANDERLUST.

Referring to Rebecca Solnit’s book Wanderlust, this thematic residency will bring together seven artists who wish to consider the notion of wandering as an aesthetic practice. Linking the activities of walking, thinking and art-making, the aim of the residency will be to explore how art can convey one’s experience of place. 

The roads, paths, and valleys of Seydisfjördur will provide participants with the arena to move and think about notions of space, time, memory and the subjectivity of human perception. With each passing day, the artists will reflect upon their own engagement with this foreign and remote environment as it becomes more familiar, and consider the nature of their interactions as artists-in-residence within the Icelandic landscape. Through a number of group walks and hikes around the mountains and valleys of Seyðisfjörður, conversations, workshops, and fieldwork, the participants will develop their sensitivities to place, and share their responses through artistic expression. The Wanderlust residency focuses on process and research, rather than on finished production. It will conclude with an informal presentation of work-in-progress. 

The residency will be guided by Jessica Auer, visual artist and photography professor from Montreal, Canada. Following two residency stays with Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, she relocated to Seydisfjördur to co-direct Ströndin Studio, an educational and experimental center for photography. Her work is broadly concerned with the study of landscapes as cultural sites, focusing on themes that connect history, place, journey and cultural experience. 

Dates of the residency: June 8–30, 2020 

For more information and application:

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