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Get back to the fundamentals of photography in a beautiful and inspiring setting with our analogue photography workshops. Our workshops place emphasis on how to engage with the photographic subject and experiment with light sensitive material, leaving time and space for individual vision and experimentation.


These workshops are booked by groups on demand at least one month in advance. Custom sessions are available upon request, simply contact us at

Large Format Photography workshop:

Shoot and Print (approx 6 hours)

  • Photographic field session followed by darkroom workshop.

  • Learn how to expose and print from 4”x5” paper negative.

  • Take home your contact prints which you make in the black and white darkroom.

Included: Use of Large Format view camera, photographic materials.

Sun printing workshop (approx 3 hours)

  • Introductory workshop to the cyanotype process

  • Learn how to coat paper and make a photographic print in natural light

  • Environmentally friendly process.

  • Great for schools and families.

Included: All materials. We will work with plant materials and participants may also bring digital images.

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