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Ströndin Studio is an educational and experimental center for photography located in a former fish factory in Seydisfjördur, Iceland. A joint project between artist Jessica Auer, photography professor at Concordia University (Montreal), and Zuhaitz Akizu, historian and amateur photographer from the Basque Country, Ströndin is a place where artists and visitors can become familiar with Icelandic culture and nature and create photographic images in a personal and intimate way. We work mostly with analogue and large format photography, giving importance to physical images and encouraging slow and direct contact with subject matter and photographic materials. Our cultural and educational aims are to develop an understanding of the surrounding environment and place emphasis on how we engage with people, places and art-making.


Seydisfjördur is a small town in the east fjords with a distinct personality. The fjord was settled during the Viking era and has since preserved a special link with Europe, both culturally and commercially. Today, the harbour is a major connection between Iceland and Europe, carrying vehicles and passengers on weekly voyages to and from Denmark. Home to Icelanders, artists, travellers, and adventure seekers, it maintains its pioneering and innovative soul. The community has a population of 680 people, two consulates, one hospital, two fish processing plants and four artist residencies... and evolves with the times and with new waves of tourism and art.  

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