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The Skaftfell Residency Program presents an exhibition of works by the Wanderlust thematic residency artists at Ströndin Studio.


Over the course of 3 weeks, a group of 7 international artists have been walking along the roads, paths, and valleys of Seydisfjördur, exploring notions of space, time, memory and the subjectivity of human perception. Considering the links between walking, thinking and art-making, the artists of the Wanderlust residency will share their individual and collective experiences of Seyðisfjörður through drawing, painting, photography, video, sound and installation.


In Iceland, where the scale of nature looms so large, newcomers become easily overwhelmed by the immense landscape, and their desires to sense each place. Drawing from a shared experience of slow travel, the exhibition “At Three Miles an Hour” explores the capacity of our body and mind to process the environment at the pace of a walker.


Alison Shields (CA)

Elizabeth Ellis (CA)

Hua Jin (CA)

Kristian Mainz (DK)

Kati Roover (EE/FI)

Paul Chidester (US)

Severin Geißler (DE)


Led by Jessica Auer of Ströndin Studio, Seyðisfjörður.

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