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Following the Seyðisfjörður landslides and the touching stories of the relief efforts, Ströndin Studio, followed up on people’s stories of the events and recovery. With support from the Seyðisfjörður Incentive Fund, a portrait series was commission by photographers Katja Goljat and Matjaž Rušt, who captured the after-effects of this natural disaster, not only on the landscape, but also on the people who suffered from it.


The initial outcome of this project is compiled on this webpage as an online exhibition to commemorate the landslides of December 2020, and to pay tribute to the people of Seyðisfjörður. A physical exhibition was presented by the Technical Museum of East Iceland from June 2022-2024. In December 2021, Ströndin Studio published the book Skriðusögur - The Landslide Stories.

To visit the online exhibition in English and Icelandic:


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