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Explore East Iceland with a knowledgeable artist and guide. When applicable, accommodation is arranged by Ströndin Studio.


Excursions are booked on demand, please contact us for bookings.

Our photo excursions are flexible journeys that are open to wandering and contemplation. The focus is less about technique as we aim more towards increasing visual and cultural awareness of the surrounding environment.


Seyðisfjordur (3-6 hours)

Introduction to the culture and the nature that shaped the fjörd and community through the centuries

North-East Iceland (2-3 days)

Expedition to remote farms and geological wonders.

Sites: Bustarfell, Ásbyrgi, Myvatn, Stuðlagil canyon.

South-East Iceland (2-3 days)

Explore the coast and mountain passes of the East fjords, one fjord at a time, or over a few days

Sites: Mjófjördur, Eskifjördur, Reydarfjördur, Stodvarfjördur, Faskrudsfjördur, Djúpivogur.

Heart of East Iceland (8-10 hours)

From Egilsstadir and Lagarfljót, we will explore up into the Eastern Highlands

Sites: Skriðuklaustur, Kárahnjúkar dam, Laugarvellir

Contact to book a trip. Excursion prices are based on number of travellers, itinerary and accomodation.

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